TitleStarting Out 1993 - 1996

95Gryphon IncorporatedGryphon registered as a pty ltd business with clients of Parks and Waterways (IT), MFB (HRMIS), Epworth, local government (Kingston, Moreland, Port Phillip, Indigo). Attended SIR Conference in Sydney - followed the 89 Montreal Conference while at VECCI.
95Europe VisitVisited Forvus in UK (SIR distributor), Paris and London health bodies exchanging information re case mix for SIAG.
94Surveys using Gryphon softwareLocal government staff surveys and analysis
94Baroner Private Hospital EBAEBA preparation for Baroner and others subcontracted from SIAG.
SE Water and City West Water payroll advice
94General HR AssignmentsGeneralised HR (writing of position descriptions, training needs, strategic planning, etc)
93Yarra Valley WaterChris5 implementation replacing Spectrum
93Water Boards surveys of PayrollAll three water boards need to find a replacement payroll to the Millenium system used by Melb Water - Gryphon employed to survey and recommend.
93Cortex Business ServicesCortex started in May 1993 with about 5 months of SIR software development for survey and training needs analysis databases. Early consultancies in the areas of survey analysis for Rockwell, Laminex, and others
Col Previous ExperienceVECCI - Computer Services
Department of Labour (MIA) - IT and Industrial Democracy policy
Telecom Australia - IR
Telecom Research Labs - Equipment Maintenance & Training

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