TitleNews in 2011

11DOJ All GoDOJ have funding to re-implement chris21 along with a rostering system. Now subject to contract negotiations and allocation of resources.
11Nina TouzeauNina Joan Touzeau - born 25 November 2011 - sister for Ruby
11DPI Data Converted DPI may have gone live - data all converted. New system ICE lacks the functionality of the SIR system so both systems will be run in parallel for the time being. Gryphon always maintained that the Oracle system would never be able to replicate the superior SIR system. It goes without saying that SIR/XS is a superior product to Oracle (always has been)
11Morning Magic MovedSV Morning Magic has been moved to her own web site - morningmagic.info
11DBI to Use LombardiDBI intend developing an automated version of their manual PDP system using IBM's Lombardi software. Project Plan and Business Requirements prepared.
11DPI Go-Live DelayedThe go-live of the new fisheries system (ICE) was due to for the end of September but testing is not complete so a further delay
11YMC SecretaryCol has been appointed Secretary of the Yaringa Mariners Club to complement the management of their web site.
11Benalla HealthMany staff at Benalla Health are not happy with recent changes. Col has been assisting with isolating the issues and trying to find means of resolving the conflicts. Employing the Competing Values Framework as a means of describing the culture and effecting change.
11DPI go liveDPI and Spatial Vision are close to accepting a final data dump but first the missing weights of catch from fisherman needs to be dealt with.
11More Bullying InvestigationsLady Davidson, Brisbane Waters, Northpark investigations have proceeded to resolution.
11Col Joins IAWBHCol has joined an international body researching workplace bullying. Meanwhile APS don't have the decency to defend their actions in destroying the careers of many Psychologists for the sake of their academic friends - it all looks like the changes that APS pushed for with AHPRA was to protect the jobs in the university sector. Don't worry about the mentally ill and others using psychological services.
11IOP 2011 ConferenceCol attends the Industrial and Organisational Psych conference in Brisbane which confirmed our mediation and bullying practice is leading the way with a practical and effective approach. Some of the change management and teams research was of interest.
11APS SelloutIts professional association renewal time again. In the case of APS it should be unprofessional association time. In my opinion the APS has sold out many of their members. Those who have practised for years after completing their 4 years study and 2 years supervised practice have been disadvantaged by the academic lobby and so called clinical psychologists. There are now 2 types of Psychologist - those who consider themselves a level above those who have been doing the bulk of the work. These people have claimed that they are the only Psychologists who should be endorsed to provide government funded therapy - have you met some of these people? And the academics - ever suffered counselling or heaven forbid therapy from these people?

In the meantime the foot soldiers of mental health are relegated to the B team - even though there is no evidence that the A team are any more effective. Its a disgrace! The AAPi has been established to counter the sell out and is doing a good job. Meanwhile APS continues to ignore the pleading of their membership. In my experience the best therapist I've ever come across was not even a Psychologist - numerous of his clients were though!
11VICSES Signs with MitreFinchThe implementation of MiteFinch TMS has started at SES with Gryphon providing the project management
11Fisheries Data DumpDate extraction and conversion commenced in anticipation for the go-live implementation of an Oracle based replacement to the 30 year old SIR catch and effort database.
11DOJ Progress againDOJ draft report in progress - includes a replacement for the Paradox rostering system used in prisons.
11Mediation at HSPAssistance provided to a number of employees using MBTI, OSI, Kilman and LPC scales found useful in diagnosing relationship issues and overcoming issues detracting from performance.
11DOJ ProgressData collection phase is complete so the analysis and recommendations phase has started. Very complex environment but some changes are obvious.
11GryTNA DevelopmentsCabrini continues to use the GryTNA system even though the Kronos system has been implemented and all clocks replaced. They are gradually parallel testing the Kronos system. WVA have made changes to casual processing as a result of all states EBA coming in. Meanwhile Epworth is considering a proposal for the GryTNA.
11SES Time & AttendanceVICSES is looking at using a MitreFinch time and attendance system for capturing the hours and interpretation of about 150 staff.
11Melbourne Pain GroupEmployment documentation for new practice manager.
11Web site for YMCCreated a website for Yaringa Mariners Club using the yarratech Webbench - quick and easy.
11HealthscopeMediation and management training continues at Healthscope - Newcastle & Northpark
11DOJ Payroll ReviewGryphon is looking to contribute to a large scale review of the chris21 and data capture at DOJ which includes prisons, agencies and possibly courts

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