TitleNews in 2017

17Netta elected Chair and President RACVAt the November board meeting of the RACV Netta was elected Chair following a very successful 3 years put in by Kevin White. Netta is the first woman to achieve this role and will be continuing the steady development of RACV laid out by Kevin and the executive management team.
17Morning Magic for SaleAfter much hand wringing and sleepless nights Morning Magic is being sold. At a significant discount I might add. The ideas of sailing off to the south seas or even to Brisbane have proved too difficult. Time constraints and general ageing have made it more difficult to get out on the boat so rather than continue to pay fees, berthing, etc its time to be realistic. Since I am 90% retired now the costs are beginning to hurt (particularly with the tripping around we have been doing).
17ReunionPlanning a get together of the old team - Liz Gillespie, Di Gregory, Jenny Grey and Col early February
17MediationsContinuing with mediations and investigations.
17Office RelocationGryphon is now operating from 54 Shaftsbury Street COBURG 3058 - Mobile number hasn't changed.

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