TitleNews in 2012

12WVA Early Christmas PayGryphon rewrites a section of the GryTNA to allow manual override of the automated award interpretation and upload to chris21 so that the Christmas pay can be prepared at any time of management choosing..
12DBI PDP ReviewReview into the conduct and lessons to be learnt from the Lombardi PDP development. Lots of lessons! IBM product, methodology (or lack of), off-shoring, governance, plenty of lessons for all concerned!
12Personality SeminarCol attends a personality in the workplace seminar focussing on personality and bullying, work performance and measurement.
12Spotless MediationsGryphon has undertaken a few mediations/investigations for the Spotless organisation recently.
12DOJ Chris UATGryphon has been providing support for a comprehensive UAT phase in the re-implementation of chris21 - expected parallel runs in November.
12SES TMS FinalisationTMS is nearing a go live stage now that all the Timesheet bugs have been ironed out - documentation now being prepared in anticipation of limited live operation.
12Delays in Rostering SelectionA change in policy direction has adversely affected the timetable to implement a replacement prison rostering system.
12SES ContinuesSES is still not happy with the reliability and performance of the Mitrefinch TMS system - minor issues and lack of documentation dog the system. It is a custom requiring special support and a specially written manual. Meanwhile Mike Nugest headed off to Africa in August leaving the new Payroll Officer to cope.
12DBI Lombardi PDP SystemDBI's PDP system has gone live not long after it was scheduled but with substantially less functionality. It is difficult to know whether the IBM BPM software is the reason for such a poor result or those off-shore personnel involved in implementing it.
12SpotlessJohn Douglas and crew have moved from Healthscope to Spotless following the buyout joining Bruce Dixon and Vita Pepe.
12DPI FisheriesBanded Morwong query satisfied using the SIR catch and effort system.
12 Fee IncreaseGryphon has been forced to increase our fees which have not been changed since 1995. That's the trouble with discounting - clients don't realise the deal they have.
12BullyingA series of bullying claims have been investigated.
12DBI PDPLombardi system almost ready for UAT phase.
12VICSES T&AThe Mitrefinch timesheet component has had a number of issues that have slowed implementation. Design changes are required.
12DOJ Delays in RosteringEBA negotiations and public sector staffing have forced a slowdown in specifying and implementing a rostering system into prisons and the re-implementation of chris21 in DOJ.
12DBI PDP SystemThe 2 week development of a PDP system promised by the Lombardi developers is now 6 months into development of a system that is about 50% of what was requested. It is not known where the system is being developed or at what cost. Meanwhile DBI continue to try to ensure a result delivered on tiime.
12DPI FisheriesThe Oracle system replacement to the SIR database which has operated for the last 30 years is still not functioning so both databases are in use. Gryphon has long held the view that the Spatial Vision system will not be able to deliver the functionality built into the SIR database. Over 3 years of development has not resulted in a replacement system.
12Change of ISP for GryphonGryphon has changed ISP's to an USA provider WWOW Communications who has demonstrated better service, at a cheaper price for a superior offering than the local ISP. This follows yarratech.com being absorbed into Dr.Notes and John Scanlon returning to Notes development.
12DOJ Contract LetGryphon contracted by DOJ to assist with rostering solutions.

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