TitleNews in 2013

13World VisionMinor change to cater for an early Christmas payroll
13Healthscope and HolmesglenMore mediations and investigations at Healthscope hospitals and Holmesglen.
13DSDBI Col finishes up with DSDBI with the appointment of a full time public servant Complaints & Disputes Registrar.
13Kalparrin ECISCultural change exercise. Review of the 30 staff organisation including a survey analysis
13Grievances & MediationContinued cases being processed in government and private sector.
13DOJ RosteringChanges in the project team, Mitre Finch dimensioning the scope of the project - seems to be delayed again. No activity by Gryphon since late 2012.
13World Vision GryTNAChanges being made to the GryTNA system to cater for outstanding time sheets and new conditions. Attempts to cater with nomolies and incorrect entries also being addressed.
13DSDBI againAppointed acting Complaints and Disputes Registrar for the department.
13Org Psych ConferenceIOP conference in Perth. Not much of any interest and nothing new.
CPD points accumulated.
13DSDBIAsisting with integrating 420 or so employees into the expanded DBI. Continued assistance with grievances.
13Continued MediationsAt Spotless and Healthscope.
13CBT & AnxietyCol attends a workshop on the use of CBT in treating generalised anxiety disorder.
13DOJ PayrollFinal parallel run for the period to 26 Jan underway. Bruce Taylor appointed as project manager for rostering component - contract negotiations for product continuing.
13DBI Grievance OfficerCol acts as Grievance Officer for DBI while permanent occupant has leave.
13Happy New Year Gryphon celebrates 20 years in operation in 2013 (actually in May). Which also means that Brian Cook's SIAG is also 20 years old - congratulations to both of us.

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