TitleNews in 2008

08World Vision AustraliaWe have had discussions with WVA to explore the interface of a web based timesheet capture to chris21. This can be achieved relatively cheaply using the sort of technology employed by Gryphon at Cabrini.
08Jenny Grey back at CabriniThe appointment with Inzenious didn't work out for Jenny - she is back at Cabrini working a couple of days a week. Some people will be amused that Inzenious is one of the companies associated with SIAG and Brian Cook.
08Transport Ticketing AuthorityGryphon has commenced putting together a workforce planning process for the TTA. Assistance provided using a Gryphon database for analysing staff survey information.
08Cabrini Payroll LiveGryphon has chalked up another successful chris21 implementation at Cabrini Health although it wasn't easy this time. We came in on budget and on time with little room for mistakes - live on 28/9 while the contract with the previous supplier terminated on 1/10/08. The Gryphon costs also included an unbudgetted development of the T&A front end which has been more successful than expected. The success of the payroll implementation was largely due to the work done by the Frontier consultants (Paul Boyes and David Walsh) and Gryphon staff over the past many months.
08Mediation at Healthscope ContinuesHealthscope mediation and investigations have continued at various hospitals throughout Australia.
08Staffing ChangesDi Gregory has returned to RWH to assist with payroll and administration as a part time employee. Jenny Grey has taken up a full time appointment running payroll in the hospitality industry. Liz, Netta and I wish them both well with their new endeavours and thank them for their efforts over the last 2 years.
08Gryphon T&A SystemThe T&A system written in SIR and to be used by Cabrini in conjunction with the new chris21 payroll due to go live by 1 October works. The TCB file loaded into chris21 during the parallel runs has been deemed acceptable and in fact has enhancements that were never envisaged.
08Liz ReturnsLiz Gillespie returns to Gryphon in time for the parallel runs with chris21 at Cabrini. Liz is concentrating on payroll process and change. The implementation remains on target and budget but the problems encountered have been significant. Jenny Grey has been propping up the Hopetoun payroll while looking after the data conversion there.
08Changes at DOIDOI has restructured and changed names - something to do with Transport - we're hoping that the changes will see the return of Liz Gillespie. Fran Boyd moves to DPI.
08Gryphon to Support the DPI Fisheries DatabaseDPI has approached Gryphon for support of the Catch and Effort database located at Queenscliff. This is a very important database as it records fisheries catches, regulates commercial fishing licences, provides a research data source, etc. The SIR database is about 20 years old and is expected to be converted to Oracle over the next couple of years.
08More CabriniThe idTec clocks are now working and contracts signed for Cabrini to implement chris21 to replace Affinity (The Pay Office) and Logtronics (Matthew Earl). Gryphon is providing software that will serve as an award interpretator written in SIR.
08Cabrini Considers chris21Cabrini is exploring the chris21 product after rejecting the PayGlobal alternative. The T&A component missing from chris21 will be examined as a separate exercise with Kronos, eTivity and Rosteron being considered at this early stage. Gryphon will produce an interim award interpretation front end in the meantime.
08Liz Gillespie QuitsLiz has taken up a contract with DOI to assist in implementing the Oracle HRMIS and support corporate HR reporting. We wish her every success.

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