TitleNews in 2007

07PayGlobal Fails to ImpressCabrini has decided not to proceed with PayGlobal following the IPS and identifying problems with performance, functionality and support from Eclipse.
07IDTEC Clocks Fail AgainThe Cabrini iDtec clocks have failed to operate correctly when modified to validate cost centre overrides. We are already using a work around in order to be able to delete entries from the system. A 2 week project is now approaching 1 year largely due to the questionable support provided for the clocks and the less than robust database infrastructure.
07More Cabrini HealthGryphon manages Cabrini payroll following resignation of Payroll Manager - Jenny and Di are assisting the payroll personnel to improve and keep the processes running. A scoping study for a new payroll has been completed leaving many questions unanswered. idtec clocks prove unreliable - rather the software controlling the clocks has not delivered satisfactory operation. Work arounds have been devised.
07HealthSmart SeminarGryphon, representing RWH, presented an overview of the successful chris21 implementation to Finance/HR Managers in an attempt to cajoule remaining hospitals to change from SAP to chris21

07Cabrini HealthCabrini commences a HRMIS needs analysis.
07PayGlobal Changes (again)PayGlobal is restructuring again - this time by hiving off the Australian sales and support to Eclipse Computing, one of Geoff Lords stable of companies (board includes Geoff Cosgriff. Ron Zammitt, Kingsley Culley - MITS, Chris Nicolli - DEC). Chris Radley has taken over as CEO of PayGlobal and will now concentrate on product development only.
07RWH ActivityGryphon remains employed at RWH doing final cleanups and reporting activities while RWH commences the implementation of a Power Health exec and clinical reporting system (datamart style product). The medical admin and archiving is still being worked on but with the switching on of HR21 Frontier's and our work is complete.
07Jenny Grey joins the Gryphon teamJenny Grey, late of Epworth has joined Di Gregory, Liz Gillespie, Netta and Col at Gryphon and will be involved in payroll/HRIS implementations, data quality audits and award interpretation activities.
07EpworthEpworth is another large multicampus private hospital network which will be considering options for a new HRMIS in the next 6 months. Gryphon has assisted Epworth with a template RFI for their entry into the market. The project is not likely to commence until early 2008.
07Cabrini HealthCabrini Health, a 3500 employee healthcare group is looking at their options for a HRMIS. Gryphon have been approached to assist in the implementation of a new HRMIS including time and attendance integration. Gryphon is project managing activities there
07RCH chris21 ImplementationRCH has signed up for the IPS stage of the chris21 implementation. Gryphon is continuing to provide data cleansing support to the Project Manager while the Gippsland Alliance are midway through their IPS. The other public health agencies, notably Eastern, Bayside, Peninsula, Lodden and Melbourne (inc Northern and Western) continue to resist the change from SAP in spite of the arguments supporting SAP being demonstratably wrong. That hasn't stopped the public hospital sector bureaucrats before and it probably won't again.
07Healthscope MediationA bullying complaint has again been successfully resolved using Col as a mediator and cousellor.
07RWH Implementation LatestThe RWH implementation started on 23/3/07 and went live on 29/6/07 - about 3 months elapsed time. The costs (including Gryphons charges, Frontier and William Buck) were well below budget as a result of Gryphon negotiating an arrangement with Frontier and limiting the WB activities. The methodology applied and the reasons for such a successful implementation will be published in the future. Suffice to say the costs involved were about a tenth of Southern and a quarter of Austin. This was the first of the SAP payrolls so, while it is fair to say that the RWH is smaller, it also had the same unknown problems that the initial 4 hospitals had with TSS.

The main reasons for success were our project management and technical knowledge, a very competent and experienced Frontier consultant (Erin O'Connor) and an experienced Payroll Manager (Chris Stewart).
07HRMIS AuditRCH is preparing for the introduction of a new HRMIS by commencing with a clean up of their data - Gryphon has been engaged to assist.
07SIR/XSSir Australia has released the new long word version of SIR - XS which has been in beta for a couple of years. See features on the www.sir.com.au website.
07Heartbase USA Conference Chicago will host the 2007 user conference with 2 days set aside for papers and 1 day training in report writing.
07RWH Chris21 IPS Comes in Below BudgetThe RWH Chris21 IPS has been completed on time and under the DHS contracted price. A six week delay obtaining funding for the next stage has put pressure on the go-live date but we are confident we can meet it.
07DOI Uses SIR for Workplace ReportingGryphon has constructed a SIR database that allows the department to produce workforce statistics in a fraction of the time required in the past by dumping data from Empower.
07Award Information SystemThe AIS is being re-designed to comply with the requirements of Healthscope and will be launched in January. Similar features to those previously available will be provided including the IR news, variations service, and interpretation.
07Southern Health HRThe implementation of Chris21 HR modules (HR21) is being examined by Southern Health. The lead agencies (Southern, St Vincents, Austin and Grampians) have almost concluded the common design allowing progress on implementation. Gryphon argues the merits of critically assessing the need for the modules and the degree of support for them before implementing.
07Heartbase SeminarNick Gawrit, the CEO of Heartbase will be discussing the benefits of heartbase, the USA registries and the design of cardiac patient systems at a Melbourne seminar in January sponsored by Gryphon.
07Eastern Health MediationCol has again been engaged as an independent investigator and mediator by Box Hill Hospital to resolve a staffing situation.
07RWH Chris21 ImplementationWe have been appointed Project Managers of the Chris21 implementation at RWH. This project is expected to continue to mid 2007.
07Gryphon appointed Distributor of TestPro
Gryphon has been appointed a distributor of TestPro8 by Atrixware a USA company specialising in elearning software development. Gryphon has taken on the product because, value for money, it is the best product available for developing on-line tests and its companion product WebLearning is also a cost effective LMS (Learning Management System). Apart from the cost aspect Atrixware provides excellent documentation, is a breeze to use and has more functionality than most systems for less than 1/10th the price.

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