TitleNews in 2010

10Christmas Holiday ChallengeThe health industry struggles with the Christmas Day (remains a public holiday under the nurses award) and substitutes 27/12 with 26/12 and 1/1 being public hols and 28/12 and 3/1 as additional holidays. Difficulty experienced in interpreting one or other of the 25 or 27th as public holiday but not both.
10InsomniaCol attends psych workshop on treating insomnia
10Cabrini ChangesCabrini have commenced swapping their IdTek clocks for Kronos in anticipation of the long overdue introduction of Kronos which was supposed to replace our GryTNA application in 2008. Not expected that this will occur until 2011 at the earliest so in the meantime the GryTNA application is accepting inputs from the Kronos clocks.
10DIIRD/DBI AssistanceGeneralised HR assistance being provided as necessary to the HR/Payroll area.
10Premier & CabinetAssistance with the chris21 payroll transfer from Accenture to Education shared service as an interim step to move to Peoplesoft in 2011.
10FisheriesDPI seems to have slowed to a crawl with their redevelopment of the SIR fishing database into an Oracle application - target date was some years ago but now Jan 2011 - Unless Spatial Vision start making some progress soon this doesn't appear likely. Meanwhile the SIR application keeps chugging along with little effort.
10World Vision SIR appsWorld Vision now have their casuals and call centre staff using the GryTNA system which is now being considered for audit reporting on the payroll.
10QLD HealthQLD government and Auditor General has blamed IBM for the incompetent way they went about implementing the SAP payroll system. The government is now looking for replacement software to implement a hub approach to payroll. So at last some sanity has prevailed - Pity they didn't think of putting in a system that works by people who know what they are doing to start with.
10Cabrini Elsternwick LiveGryphon has modified its GryTNA input to accept clockings from Kronos clocks and has live T&A from Elsternwick. A new set of shifts were required along with some changes for Uniform allowance.
10GFC Downturn Little work available to keep Liz employed - she decides to stick to grand children and crafts.
10RDNS Go LiveRDNS is live without the RosterOn interface.
10Paul BoyesOne of the Frontier consultants we have worked with at a number of sites has left Frontier to join Grocon as their Remuneration Manager. We wish Paul every success and hope to catch up with him sometime in the future.
10WVA Call CentreThe GryTNA system is being modified to process the 140 member Call Centre at World Vision following the move to Modern Award compliance.
10Cabrini Acquires ElsternwickCabrini has another campus to integrate into the Gryphon TNA solution, this time using Kronos clocks. Mario Sanchez, ex Frontier has been appointed systems administrator at Cabrini.
10MediationGryphon has been busy this month with a number of mediations and investigations.
10Queensland Health Shows What Not to DoAfter 5 payroll cycles there are still people not paid or paid incorrectly according to Payroll News. This will have to go down as case study on what not to do - Unfortunately for SAP they have a number of these situations over the years. The head of payroll has gone but still no word on what actually went wrong - parallel runs, poor methodology, etc. Difficult to believe that something so fundamental can go so wrong - looks like wrong products, wrong implementers, wrong staff and wrong decisions.
10RDNS Continues to roll onGryphon has been assisting with project consulting and staff training but all is going well and still ahead of schedule apart from the RosterOn testing which has taken much more time and effort than expected.
10Cabrini DevelopmentsWhile Cabrini decides on what they want to do about HR systems (Liz is assisting them directly) the Kronos implementation was put on hold and a new tender released so the replacement of the GryTNA may be even further delayed. In the meantime we have added enhancements following the differing needs outlined by Epworth.
10Pete Gason RetiresPete Gason, our fisheries expert has decided to call it a day and do other things with his wife Anne who recently retired from DPI. We wish them both the very best for their new future and thanks for the contribution made by Pete.
10Epworth GryTNA DemoGryphon provided Epworth with a demo of the GryTNA system resulting in a number of enhancements being implemented in the base product.
10Queensland HealthMonumental SAP payroll stuffup in Queensland Health has resulted in large numbers of people not being paid or paid incorrectly. KPMG has been brought in to determine who gets the blame - SAP, IBM, bureaucrats, consultants. No prizes for guessing who will get shafted - it won't be SAP or IBM! The project management appears to have been deficient? - parallel runs? Test plans? A million questions remain. Shows what happens when you listen to the big end of town with these implementations.
10World Vision chris21An enhancement to the chris21 audit files has been undertaken for WVA so that managers can monitor changes to the database.
10MHPN InvestigationCol attended a Mental Health Professionals Network meeting for the purpose of finding parties to whom clients can be referred and to gather further information regarding mental health operations.
10TTA Survey on HoldTransport Minister Martin Pakula has sacked the head of the TTA agency in charge of myki. Chief executive Gary Thwaites has been dumped in favour of Bernie Carolan, the head of Metlink. "I am firmly of the view that new leadership is needed," Mr Pakula said. Surprise surprise - new minister - new CEO. Lets see what changes this time.

The announcement follows yesterday’s meeting Mr Pakula had with John McCain, chief executive of Keane, the American parent company of Kamco. Kamco is the company that has the Government contract to introduce the myki system. (herald sun)
10Mediation More bullying and grievance investigation leading to mediation undertaken for Healthscope in the past few months. Emphasis on the importance of intervening early.
10TTA SurveyTransport Ticketing is to undertake another staff survey - last one in 2008. This time we are using Lotus database for data capture which will feed a SIR analysis system for longitudinal reporting.
10DPI CANDE ContinuesSpatial Vision is still battling with the conversion of the SIR database to Oracle. The obstacles are the corrections and remapping of the raw data hard coded into SIR over 25 years of regulatory change. Gryphon continues to assist by explaining what the code in fact does. 90% of reports are derived from corrected data - SV would prefer to bring across just the raw data.
10RDNS Chris21Frontier have all but finished the RDNS configuration but testing is held up by RosterOn which apparently is having some difficulties with interfaces. We are hoping to have made some progress by mid February. There is still plenty of time for the July 1 go live but it is disconcerting to suffer unexplained delays.
10GryTNA Enhancements ContinueMore changes have been made to the GryTNA application such that alterations at the payroll end (new starters, change of cost centre, etc) are seamlessly passed thru to the clocks avoiding the necessity to log onto the clock and duplicate the activity. With the exception of registering a finger or proximity card all other operations are at the payroll end - compare this to other systems requiring clock administration intervention.
10Jenny Grey to Join CabriniJenny Grey has been active at Cabrini for some time and with the departure of Vicki Hedger and Michelle Webb she takes over running the payroll. Congratulations Jenny - lots more to do in fully implementing HR, payroll efficiencies and Kronos. Meanwhile the Gryphon TNA solution rolls on without a hitch providing public holiday penalties. Recent changes included a new shift for Communications staff and the exclusion of certain staff from both public hols.

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