TitleNews in 2014

14WVAPayroll one day early for Christmas pay.
14SailingNotice of intention to resign as Secretary of Western Port Mariners Club. Plans for cruising in 2015 and beyond. Solo voyage to Docklands. Installed a bimini. December in Docklands.
14APS ConferenceTasmania conference - positive psychology exposure.
14WVA DevelopmentWVA changes to cost centres and worker type - new type of sales worker with different award requirements. Modify data capture and interpretation. Create three TCB files and leave report.
14CFARisk assessment of the proposed Kronos rostering deployment.
14WVA BugBug detected on data capture when 5 periods entered on the one day.
14More HSP MediationAnother workplace mediation completed.
14Public SectorWork concludes in the DSDBI - Gryphon operations confined to some SIR/XS support and mediation exercises.
14SpotlessMediation attempted.
14SailingSailing passages - to Docklands and return. Purchase an Aakron rubber boat.
14World VisionCheck changes to award interpretation, alter processing from Replicon to allow for gaps in shifts.

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