TitleNews in 2009

09Ruby TouzeauRuby Miles Touzeau - born 22 December 2009
09RDNS Makes a Start on chris21RDNS has commenced the implementation of chris21 and RosterOn with plenty of time for go-live of July 2010.
09World Vision Enhancements ContinueWVA have found more opportunities to improve their GryTNA application by having the system withhold action for unauthorised transactions and pre-dated transactions. Currently looking at passing Extra Pay transactions via the TCB file.
09RDNS Completes IPSRDNS and Frontier have completed the IPS with very few issues being identified that will cause a problem later on.
09Adesse DisappearanceIt looks like adesse, the Dean Phlean, Abdel Alzenaty partnership has disappeared off the HR scene.
09GryTNA ApplicationThe TNA application developed by Gryphon passes another milestone at Cabrini and is now live at World Vision. In both cases the system automatically handles elementary award interpretation and file creation for chris21 payroll.
09Healthscope National Christmas HolidaysThis year Boxing Day is on Saturday - what this means for Christmas penalties has been compiled for national use.
09Gryphon FishGryphon has completed an exhausting study into the business rules operating in DPI. This required the reverse engineering of the SIR code that currently administers all commercial fishing.
09RDNS Begins chris21 IPSRDNS commences the IPS which will probably only take a couple of weeks as a result of the excellent work already conducted by their in-house staff.
09Healthscope Making Progress with PayGlobalA new version of PayGlobal appears to have overcome Healthscopes problems and things are looking up for the beleagured payroll system apart from a reputed loss of a significant contract.
09More Mediation PleaseGryphon has again been called upon to resolve a series of bullying complaints local and interstate.
09Dangers in ImplementationGryphon has been asked to assist in an implementation that has gone bad - a reminder that there is risks in using inexperienced people. Employing professional project management firms does not ensure an efficient and competent implementation - it often just adds significantly to the cost.
09RDNS Chooses chris21RDNS, after an exhaustive analysis of their needs and what the market offers has decided to implement an ASP configuration of chris21 from Frontier. Talent2 came second largely because of cost, being Oracle based, and perceived weakness in reporting.
09Di Gregory Di Gregory takes a job as Pay Mistress with State Super.
09DIIRD After AssistanceJenny Grey has been recommended to assist DIIRD payroll on a short term basis. She is helping out part time for a few months
09DPI Looks at data conversionSpatial Vision is now looking at CANDE reporting and data conversion - workshops to resolve remaining problems have occurred. Meanwhile the SIR application hums along.
09ConnectEast Considers GryTNAConnectEast is considering the GryTNA system for a cost effective method of avoiding timesheets taking feeds from their phone system and rostering to feed chris21.
09RosterOn T&A for RDNSRDNS has a quote from RosterOn to develop the required award interpretation for 3 awards to feed the payroll system (being selected).
09World Vision ParallelsThe Gryphon web timesheet (Replicon) to chris21 payroll interface has passed the first parallel run. The interface does the award interpretation and compares claimed wage rates with award entitlements. Fine tuning and documentation to follow. It is a variation of the GryTNA system developed by Gryphon
09RDNS ImplementationProcesses have commenced for the selection and implementation of either Talent2 or chris21 for RDNS. Bids are in - awaiting a selection decision
09More on ClocksCSTime clock has passed 90% of our testing while CHD (the budget model from China) has failed miserably. A replacement OC200 also from China performs well but accepts only 2 digit cost centre overrides - their OC500 takes up to 6 so another set of testing is planned. The CSTime interfaces directly with our GryTNA application. Significant cost and development effort has been devoted to this exercise.
09Pete Gason joins GryphonPete has supported the SIR DPI databases for many years. The data going back to 1978 includes all fish species caught by commercial fishers in Victorian waters. His expertise will be useful in a number of Gryphon areas of operation as we continue to develop solutions using SIR/XS. Initially he will concentrate on the support for the Cande database.
09Clocks We are now in the final phases of testing two clock varieties - a budget clock sourced from china and a more sophisticated clock sourced from South Africa. Both provide the functionality that we are looking for when interfaced to our SIR T&A application
09T&A ResearchGryphon has invested in purchasing some time clocks so that we are able to provide a total solution in respect of award interpretation, time and attendance monitoring.
09HealthscopePayroll team development using MBTI as the vehicle for gaining better cooperation and communications. Healthscope Drug & Alcohol program set to expand.
09Clive PeetersMediation in HR and payroll
09RDNSRoyal District Nursing Service is looking to replace their HRIS - Gryphon has commenced assisting them in the selection of the best product.
09Cabrini Support ContinuesMinor alterations to the T&A system. HR reporting assistance.
09Healthscope ActivitiesCol continues to be involved in staffing investigations and mediation at various Healthscope hospitals.
09DPI Cande DatabaseGryphon is providing a description of the fisheries database - about 200,000 lines of code - the data capture, validation prototcols, summarisation processes, fish pricing algorithms and reporting. A largish undertaking but assisted by the developer of the database mr Pete Gason.
09Laminex New PayrollLaminex Industries is implementing chris21 as a replacement for the Neller Preceda system. Gryphon is involved in assisting with this task which is being managed from NZ.

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