Support and application development
SIRxs is an Australian database management system that was developed in the 1970's in the USA and moved to Australia in 1989. We have designed and implemented hundreds of database applications from survey analysis thru to integrated financial management and client tracking systems since 1980.

The latest of the Gryphon Sir developments has been a Time and Attendance front end for a chris21 payroll. See the GryTNA System.

Gryphon has experimented with a number of time clocks and determined that the CapeSoft (CSTime) is the most reliable and cost effective means of capturing attendance. It also happens to offer the most flexibility and interfaces seamlessly with the GryTNA application.

Gryphon Management Consultants has been supporting SIR applications since 1980. We continue to support government databases such as the DPI fisheries database (data from 1978 onwards), Heartbase and recent systems like GryTNA. In the past we have supported a CFL forest yield system, VECCI membership & job costing, industrial relations research, amongst many others.

Remote Home or Vessel Security

We recently put together a security or surveillance system for installation on a boat. It is based on a inexpensive infrared movement detector with a SIM card that will call up to 3 mobile smartphone numbers if triggered by movement night or day.

For about $100 you can get a GM01. To this cost you need to add a SIM (A$2), a miniature SD memory card (about $20) and ongoing subscription to Telstra/Optus/Boost/Aldi etc – (I found Vodafone has the best deal - costs me between $15 and $25 a month depending on how many triggers or photographs you initiate). So for an outlay of about $120 plus ongoings you can have a security system on your boat.

This system allows you to monitor activity on your vessel - if there is movement or noise being generated (night or day) it will dial up to 3 mobile phones with a SMS and photo. It will also send a number of photos or video to a web site accessible to you. You can set numerous parameters to control when it is active, how many photos, the resolution, etc. All these commands are sent to the unit as SMS messages from your smart phone. Simply enter the SOS numbers – the mobile to which messages are sent, have MMS and GPRS turned on and you are away.

Apart from using the smart phone SMS facility to control the device there are other options available –
  • Download an APP for iPhone or Android which allows you to change parameters, take snapshots, view all alarm photos
  • Log into a web site and do the same thing (easiest means of deleting old photos)
  • Dial into the voice facility on the GM01 and listen to any dialogue happening on your vessel

The installation requires 12volts to charge the internal battery (powers for about 2 hours after power is disconnected). The ideal source of power is the auto bilge pump or gas detector. Simply mount the bracket on a suitable surface with the unit directed at any particular target area.

Very effective solution and a lot cheaper than the current commercial offerings of between $300 and upward of $1000. Call Col Barling (0407 766 996) for assistance.

Mediation & Investigations

Gryphon provides an independent investigation and mediation service where relationships have broken down, grievances need investigation, allegations of discrimination or bullying, unproductive conflict and performance problems occur. We currently provide these services to two large corporations and have provided a Complaints and Disputes Registrar role in a government department.

The investigation service can vary from examining an individual allegation through to an organisation wide study into culture or morale. The diagnosis services available are often useful in explaining to the parties what has happened or what is needed to resolve a dispute. In some cases the involvement of an independent third party intervening in a situation is enough to remove the heat and allow resolution.
Claims of bullying, harassment, discrimination, whistleblowing and general grievances are usually symptoms of relationship breakdowns.

Our approach is to isolate the underlying causes for disputes in the workplace by individually interviewing the parties, framing solutions before jointly mediating. Where mediation is not possible or inappropriate and/or referral to other parties refused a report on possible outcomes and recommended actions is provided.

In many cases it is not an isolated incident but a dysfunctional culture that leads to disputes.